Oct 31, 2006

Bellagio - Jean Philippe

Jean Philippe at Bellagio. They also making crepes here, and you can also eat here.
Aren't they beautiful? I never dissapointed desserts at Bellagio.

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Mirage - Petite Suite Room

Mirage Petite suite room.

Paris - Lenotre

Lenotre in Paris. Place for pastries and dessert.
Everything looks good, and everything was great so far.

Fremont - Paradise cafe

We had $30 comp we could use so we ate here. All the food here was total under $30.
This place is cafe and buffet in one place. So most cafe food you get here is same food at buffet.
You can pay extra 2-3 dollars to get dessert or salad bar from buffet.
All the food here really makes me sick. I didn't eat half of them.
It's just awful.

ham and eggs

fried chicken


Oct 30, 2006

Wynn - Corsa Cucina

Corsa Cucina at Wynn. We ate here for my husband's birthday.
Our host gave us free dinner.
I didn't like appetizers but entree was good.
Service here is very slow so if you are hurry, don't eat here.

free bread

Salad (I think this was angel hair, caviar, sweet shrimp in it) $16
Caviar was really heavy, I didn't wanna eat after 3 bites.

Artichokes $16

Whipped potatoes $6

Sirloin Steak $36

Pasta $37

Spumoni $9

Donuts (melting chocolate in it) and ice cream $9

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Halloween in Vegas

We were in Vegas on Halloween weekend. It was very crowded.

This was at Treasure Island

Black Jack table at MGM

People waiting for taxi at MGM (after Jimmy Buffet concert)

There were soooo many people waiting for taxi

MGM - Grand Tower Room

MGM Grand Tower Room.

Oct 25, 2006

Green Valley Ranch - The Original Pancake House

The Original Pancake House at Green Valley Ranch.
I remember that service wasn't great here.

We ordered their signature items. Both plates were pretty big.
After eating half way, you'll start feeling sick (or could be just me).

Dutch Baby

Apple Pancake

New York New York - Gallagher's Steak House

Gallagher's Steak House at NYNY. I really don't remember the taste.
We thought nothing special. That's why we don't remember.


crab cakes $13.95

Dry Aged New York Sirloin $35

mashed potatoes $5.95

center cut filet mignon $35

creme brulee $6.50