Dec 8, 2006

Caesars - Hyakumi


Hyakumi at Caesars Palace. Taste was fine. Service wasn't that great, difficult to get waitress, refill.

Age Dashi Tofu $6.75
(deep fried tofu with tempura sauce)


Tako no sunomono $9.25(sliced octopus and cucumber in vinegar sauce)

Egg $5, eel $6.75, Yellowtail $7, Albacore $6, Spicy Tuna Roll $7.75, Scallop hand roll $6

Hyakumi combination $32.50
My choice was Tempura, Yakitori (skewered chicken) and broiled salmon, comes with rice and miso soup

Green tea ice cream $4.50

Hyakumi Japanese (Caesars Palace) on Urbanspoon

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