Dec 5, 2006

Mirage - Kokomos


Kokomos at Mirage. We were happy when our host told us we have a dinner for two here.
So we ordered Kobe beef and surf & turf. BUT when we check out, they said that limit was $250 and we were over so we had to pay.
We were not happy when we heard that.

If there is a limit, they should say that. The total was over $320.

Food here was great. Kobe beef was sooooo soft and delicious.
The softest meat I ever had. It was today's special.
We also ordered mashed potatoes and mushrooms for sides and they were both delicious.


crab cakes $16

Lobster bisque $14

Seafood La Scala $18

mashed potatoes and mushrooms $8 each

Kobe beef 8oz $130

Surf &Turf $100

Creme Brulee $8

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