Jul 19, 2007

Vegas offers - 7.16.07 - 7.19.07


3 nights complimentary accommodations, one spa treatment

New York New York:
3 nights complimentary accommodations in one of our suites, complimentary food, limo transportation, $300 in free play

$35,000 Diamonds in the Rough slot tournament Sept. 11-14 (1st place $10,000, based on 750 participants or more)
Includes 3 nights and $50 dining voucher

Complimentary petite suite for 3 nights, $300 in free play, $150 in Mirage Rewards

Caliente Cards $100,000 invitational poker tournament Sept.14-17 (1st place $40,000, based on 2,000 participants or more)
Includes 3 nights complimentary accommodations at one of the Harrah's properties, $50 food voucher

Complimentary room for 3 nights, $20 free play

Offers by email:

$125,000 Bellagio Bucks slot tournament - Sept.13-15 (1st place $30,000, based on 300 participants, everybody gets at least $150 in free play)
Includes complimentary 3 nights, complimentary food at selected restaurants, welcome gift

*If you wanna see our past offers, just type "Vegas offer" or "Vegas offers" in the Google search box. Make sure you check the button for vegasandfood.blogspot.com OR check the archives.

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