Jul 31, 2008


Fast food from Wendy's. It was really fast, we got our order in less than 1 minute. I wonder how long all this food was sitting there.

All total was $6.66 plus tax $0.55.
Total calories 1410, total fat 71.0.

Of course we shared all this.

5 pc. chicken nuggets, $0.99
230 calories

Hamburger (single), $2.59
430 calories

with no tomato, mayo, lettuce

Medium French fries, $1.59, soft, not crispy, cold
430 calories

Spicy chicken wrap, $1.49
320 calories


Jul 30, 2008

Comic-Con 2008, San Diego - Part 2

More pics from Comic-Con


Cute, but it must be really hot

Astro Boy


Jul 29, 2008

Comic-Con 2008, San Diego - Part 1

Some pics from Comic-Con in 2008. It was crowded. We had to drive around 1 hour to just find parking. Every single parking lot was full. At Comic-Con, I wanted to buy some limited-edition toys only available at Comic-Con, but there were long lines, so I gave up. But I got my Hello Kitty that I believe is only available in Japan. Also we went to panels and, again, always long lines, long walking. I can't believe some people go for 3 days.

There were these "bike taxi", he took us from our parking area to the convention. $5 per person. From our parking, it was about a 10 minute ride.

Coming in 2009

First-ever flying Enterprise

About $800, the one on the left

In the sky: "Seek the Six"


Jul 28, 2008

Ben & Jerry Iced TeaZers 99 cents - July 29th

July 29th, get 20 oz. for 99 cents!

Jul 27, 2008

Vegas offers

We just got back from Comic-Con in San Diego. I'll post some pics soon.

Here's the offers we just received.

Golden Nugget: $40,000 Passport to Napa Valley Slot Invitational, Sept. 2-4 (Grand Prize $10,000 Trip to Napa Valley plus $15,000 cash, $10,000 trip includes hotel, spa credit, airfare, food & beverage, rent-a-car, hot air balloon ride, limousine service, VIP tours)
Includes 3 complimentary nights, $100 food & beverage, $50 in free play

Golden Nugget: $100,000 Bada Bing Blackjack Tournament, Sept. 5-7 (1st place $50,000, $500 entry fee)

Golden Nugget: $100,000 The Big Score Slot Tournament, Sept.18-20 (1st place $50,000, $1,250 entry fee, based on 180 participants)
Includes 3 complimentary nights, $100 food & beverage credit, awards buffet dinner with live entertainment

Green Valley Ranch: $50,000 Slot Tournament, Aug. 29-Sept.1
Includes 3 complimentary nights

Palace Station: $10,000 Candy Factory Slot Tournament, Sept.7-9 & 14-16
Includes 3 complimentary nights

The Orleans: Octoberfest Slot Tournament, Sept.29-Oct.1 (1st place $10,000, based on 300 entrants)
Includes 3 complimentary nights, banquet & awards ceremony

Rio: $40,000 Poker Invitational Tournament, Oct.14-17 (1st place $20,000, based on 500 participants)
Includes 3 complimentary nights, $50 food voucher

Harrah's: StakeYour Claim Poker Tournament, Sept.12-15 (1st place $10,000 plus a $10,000 seat at the 2009 World Series of Poker, based on 1,500 participants)
Includes 3 complimentary nights, $25 food voucher

Jul 24, 2008

Carl's Jr Coupons for shake and Monster Breakfast sandwich

Carl's Jr coupons for a Monster Breakfast sandwich and a Banana Cream Pie shake & malt.
Expires 9/30/08

Monster Breakfast sandwich, 730 calories
This is way too much calories for breakfast.

Shake 790 calories, Malt 860 calories
Make sure you share with somebody. You don't want all this calories.


Dunkin Donuts - New Oven-Toasted Flatbread Sandwich

"Introducing the newest sandwich around. Our new Oven-Toasted Southwest Chicken Flatbread Sandwich is quick, portable and has a Southwestern kick. We start with grilled chicken then add red and green peppers and top it off with cheddar cheese and a maple chipotle sauce."


Jul 23, 2008

Vegas offers

Here's the offers we just received.

Club Grazie: The $25,000 Play Ball! Slot Tournament, Sept.21-23 (1st place $7,500)
Includes complimentary 3 nights

The Venetian: $40,000 Bounty of Sherwood Forest Slot Tournament, Sept.1-3
Includes complimentary 3 or 4 nights

Treasure Island: Cha-Cha-Ching $100,000 Slot Tournament, Oct. 2-4 (1st place $25,000)
Includes complimentary 3 nights, welcome gift, poolside banquet

Treasure Island: Shopping Spree at Saks Fifth Avenue or Macy's, Sept.18-28
Includes complimentary nights, $200 gift card

El Cortez:
Includes complimentary 3 nights, $50 food and beverage credit, $75 in free play

Stratosphere: His & Her Spa Weekend, Sept.11-13
Includes up to 3 nights, therapeutic massage, pedicure (for her), men's nail trim, spa gift, hors d'oeuvres at the spa (it says this offer will be reduced from the participant's comp dollars)

Jul 22, 2008

Nissin - Donbei Kitsune Udon instant noodles

This is one of the instant udon noodles I've been eating since I was a kid. Of course, this is just instant, so the noodles are very different from what you get at a restaurant. But I like the flavor of these noodles.

Noodles have different flavors depending on which part of Japan you are in. Like Tokyo and Osaka have different flavors. And the reason is because some areas likes stronger flavors, but some areas like simple flavors.

When you make instant cup noodles, after you pour the hot water, make sure you ALWAYS close the top like in the picture. I always put a plate on top.

3 minutes later

Rating: 4 / 5
Price: $1.08 (on sale at Marukai supermarket)


Jul 20, 2008

Myojo - Ramen Desse Japanese style instant noodles

Ramen-Desse soy sauce flavor instant noodles. You open the packages, pour the hot water, wait 3 minutes, then it's ready to eat. I waited 4 minutes and unfortunately my noodles were still al dente. I wonder if my hot water wasn't hot enough? This was my first time trying Ramen-Desse and I didn't think it was so good. But I kinda wanna try other flavors too since many people on other blogs say this noodle is good.

Rating: 2.5 / 5
Price: $0.98 (sale at Marukai supermarket)