Feb 28, 2009

Subway sandwiches - Arizona Charlies casino

The most expensive Subway sandwiches we ever had. We had a voucher at Arizona Charlie's for a $20 food credit. We were thinking to go to the cafe, but there was a long line so we decided to get Subway sandwiches. We got two footlong subs, and the total was $20 plus a couple cents. The taste wasn't as good as regular Subway stores.

Rating (food): 2 / 5
Rating (service): 3.5/ 5
Repeat: No



Feb 26, 2009

Jack in the Box 99 cents tacos

Two days ago, Jack in the Box had a two free tacos giveaway so we got it. Normally it costs two for 99 cents.

It was nasty. The tacos were very thin and flat, and there was a LITTLE bit of lettuce and something else. I can't tell what's in it. This shitty food isn't worth a penny. Don't pay 99 cents. That's totally wasting your money.

Rating (food): 1/ 5
Rating (service): N/A
Repeat: No


Feb 25, 2009

Dunkin' Donuts new waffle breakfast sandwich

Dunkin' Donuts introduces a new waffle breakfast sandwich.
"This savory and sweet sandwich features cherrywood smoked bacon, a fluffy
scrambled egg and melted American cheese surrounded by oven-toasted waffles that have a hint of maple flavor."

I wondered what the actual sandwich looked like? So I searched on Flickr.
CLICK HERE for the results. None of the actual sandwiches looked like the Dunkin' Donuts picture below. But most people seemed to like it.


Japonais Dinner for 2 $45 / $7 Happy Hour


Feb 24, 2009

Free sub at Quizno's and cheap food in Las Vegas

I know that everybody wants to save money and get some good deals. So I do. So here's some of the deals.

National Pancake Day celebration, Feb. 24, 2009
One free short stack from 7am to 10pm.


Quizno's is having a free sub sandwich giveaway. Just sign up and get a free sub!


Sourdough Cafe at Arizona Charlie's casino on Decatur Blvd. (Las Vegas) has a new 3-course mix-n-match meal deal for $8.99 with your A.C.E. Rewards club card. Available 4pm to 11pm, Sun-Thurs. Choose one appetizer, one entree and one dessert. $8.99 is a deal!


Kokomo's at Mirage now has a prix fixe menu for $29.99. Your choice of appetizer, entree and dessert for $29.99 is a deal. We ate at Kokomo's and we liked it. Visit the website for menu and more info.


Feb 22, 2009

Vegas offers

Here's the offers we recently received.

Palace Station:
2 free nights, free breakfast buffets per stay

2 complimentary nights, $50 slot play

Gold Coast:
$15 slot dollars per day, 2 free nights, $25 food credit per day

3 free nights, $100 complimentary Visa gift card

2 free nights, $50 food and beverage credit, $100 in free play, 2 free show tickets

2 free nights, 2 free tickets to the choice of the concert.

Monte Carlo: slot tournament, March12-14
Includes 3 complimentary nights, welcome gift

Treasure Islands: Go for the Green slot tournament, April30-May2
Includes 3 free nights, Awards banquet

Wynn/Encore: $85,000 signature slot tournament, March15-17

The Orleans: Tax Relief slot/video poker tournaments
Includes 3 free nights, awards banquet

Sahara: April Showers $10,000 slot tournament, April 16-18
Includes 3 free nights

Feb 21, 2009

Stratosphere - Fellini's 2009

Our second time trying this place. Again, the food was good, and portions were big, especially the entree. We knew this place served big portions, so we tried to not order so much food this time. But these 3 plates were too much food for us, and we had leftovers again.

This time the service wasn't so good. Our waiter forgot that we ordered a Coke, so we cancelled it. All other tables had bread but we didn't. We had to ask to our waiter to bring us the bread. When we wanted to get refills of our water, we didn't see our waiter around and had to wait forever.

CLICK HERE for pics from 2008.

Antipasti Freddi $14.95
A cold assortment of smoked meats, imported cheeses, roasted peppers, marinated eggplant, zucchini, artichoke hearts, and olives.

Lobster Tail Mediterranean $30.95
Half a Brazilian lobster tail, New Zealand green lip mussels, clams, shrimp, scallops and calamari stewed in a sauce of garlic, white wine, tomatoes and half herbs. Served on a bed of linguine.

They also have Linguine Mediterranean for $21.95. I think the only difference is the lobster tail.
This was a huge portion. We shared of course. This plate is probably enough for 3 people. You can guess how big they are by looking at the forks. Also you almost can't see, but there's linguine under the seafood.

Scallops Trattoria $12.95
Sea scallops sauteed with artichoke hearts, roast red peppers in a shallot-Dry Vermouth-cream sauce.

This is our appetizer. I usually don't like anything with cream sauce, but I liked this one. I can recommended this dish even if you don't like cream sauce. The sauce was very tasty, and it wasn't so heavy.



Rating (food): 4/ 5
Rating (service): 2.5/ 5
Repeat: Yes

Sunday - Thursday 5:00 p.m. - 11:00 p.m.
Friday & Saturday 5:00 p.m. - Midnight


Fellini's Italian Dining (Stratosphere) on Urbanspoon

Feb 20, 2009

Chick-fil-A, August 2008

Chick-fil-A. If you like chicken and never tried this place, try it. It's good, but a little expensive because they're using real chicken, I guess. But also everything we ordered was fried, so it's really high calorie and not healthy.

We go to the Rancho Cucamonga or Ontario locations, and always the food is ready in less than 2 minutes. Always fast.

CLICK HERE and HERE for more pics from Chick-fil-A.

chicken sandwich $2.99
430 calories, 17g fat

3 pcs. chicken strips $3.39
350 calories, 17g fat

waffle potato fries (large) $1.75
420 calories, 24g fat

Rating (food): 4 / 5
Rating (service): 4 / 5
Repeat: Yes


1949 North Campus Avenue
Upland, CA 91784
(909) 931-7123

Feb 18, 2009


We recently went to a Yelp Elite event, and we both received a gift card for 1 free item at Chipotle. Each burrito costs a little less than $6 (in L.A.; prices are a bit higher in N.Y.).

The thing I like about this place is that you can choose what you want in your burrito, like Subway sandwiches. This way, you can control your calories, and I don't have to worry about cheese or avocado in it as I can't eat them.

You can calculate your Chipotle burrito calories HERE.

CLICK HERE for Chipotle chicken burrito pics.

Chicken Fajita burrito
With sauteed peppers and onions instead of beans.

Barbacoa burrito
Spicy, shredded beef, braised with own chipotle adobo, cumin, cloves, garlic and oregano.

Rating (food): 3 / 5
Rating (service): 3 / 5
Repeat: Yes


Stratosphere - Roxy's Diner, Nov. 2008

Good place for burgers and deep-fried items. They bring your food pretty fast.

CLICK HERE for pics from June, 2008.
CLICK HERE for pics from 2007.
CLICK HERE for pics from 2005.

Mile High Stack $7.99
Grilled turkey breast, Swiss cheese, alfalfa sprouts, shredded lettuce and tomato slices, topped with angel-hair onion rings and special sauce, stacked high between slices of your choice of bread.

Shrimp Bites $7.49
Tender shrimp lightly tossed in a Cajun batter and fried to a golden brown. Served on a bed of angel-hair onion rings with Creole tartar sauce.

Leftovers. Yes, it was too much food for us.

Rating (food): 3.5 / 5
Rating (service): 3 / 5
Repeat: Yes


Feb 17, 2009

Four Queens - Magnolia's Veranda, 2008

Magnolia's Veranda Cafe at Four Queens. It was late night, nothing was open at Four Queens except here, and we also had RFB for free food. So we knew we'd hate it, but again, we were hungry and it was free.

The first 3 pictures and rest of the pictures were taken on different days. Food in the first 3 pics was fine, but the rest was just awful.

CLICK HERE for pics from March, 2008.
CLICK HERE for pics from 2007.

Fancy shrimp cocktail $8.95

Omelettes $8.30 ($6.50 + $0.65 each additional item)
Comes with toast and hash browns

This omelet was actually OK.

This omelet was ordered on a different day. I guess the chef was different, because this omelet was cooked with ingredients and eggs together. Watery and a little burned. I felt like green peppers were defrosted frozen green peppers.

coffee $1.95

Fake butter. That's right, it wasn't real butter.

The Jackson Square with blueberries $6.95 + $0.75 = $7.70
two buttermilk pancakes, two eggs any style, bacon or sausage

Pancake was awful. Bblueberry tasted fake. Whoever made this food sucks.

Magnolia's Veranda late night menu

Rating (food): 1 / 5
Rating (service): 1 / 5
Repeat: No


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Feb 15, 2009

Caesars Palace - Diamond Lounge Dec. 2008

Caesars Palace Diamond Lounge in December 2008.

Feb 14, 2009

Bellagio Conservatory Jan. 2009

Bellagio Conservatory in January 2009. Chinese New Year theme.

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CLICK HERE for October 2007
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