Jun 30, 2012

Bread Lounge - Downtown

Awesome new bakery/cafe in Downtown, Los Angeles. I got here around 4:30 pm and most of their pastries were already sold out. I didn't have many choices, but still there were some delicious looking pastries left. I bought two pastries and I was gonna try only half of each pastry and take home some leftovers, but I ended up eating both pastries. I can't wait to go back! and next time, I'm going early morning. The cashier girl was very friendly.

Ricotta cheese danish with white choco patissier, cranberries $3.50

I don't like cheese but you really can't taste cheese on this danish. This danish absolutely made my day. It was really good. Highly recommended.

Croissant $2.50

Rating : 4.5 / 5
Service: 4 / 5
Repeat: Yes

Bread Lounge
700 S Santa Fe Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90021

(213) 327-0782

Closed on Mondays
Open till 6pm

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Go Burger - Hollywood

Good burgers and shakes! I always wanted to try their famous "spiked" milkshakes. Yes, alcohol in it! They also have regular shakes too.

You must try their "SPIKED" milkshake here, at GO Burger.

Nut job spiked milkshake $11

The classic burger $9
100% Black Angus beef

Fries $4

Chili bowl $9
Topped with Cheddar, sour cream, green onions, and pickled jalapeno

Rating : 3.9 / 5
Service: 3.5 / 5
Repeat: No

GO burger
6290 W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90028

(323) 327-9355

Mon-Sat 11:30 am - 11 pm
Sun 11:30 am - 10 pm



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Jun 27, 2012

Isa Ramen - Koreatown

Newly opened ramen place in Koreatown. All my Japanese friends told me "not delicious" "don't go" and the owner is not Japanese or Korean, it's Indian.  But the servers are Japanese. So I'm guessing maybe the curry is good here? I don't know.
Anyway, I got their grand opening lunch special $5.99 (until the end of this month). I really didn't have any choice. They only had one kind of lunch special. Your choice of Isa ramen or udon + california roll. I asked if they have lunch special combo with rice bowls, and they said "today is California roll only".Oh ok, well, I was really hoping they have combo special with mini curry rice.


sliced brown onion with bonito flakes on top

salad (seems like came with fly)

California roll
Not rolled well, and each piece was smaller than average California roll. They need to have some experienced sushi chef if they're gonna serve some sushi. It was not good at all.

Isa ramen; chicken broth, chashu, wakame, green onions, corn, bean sprouts

I really didn't like the broth. It had an odd smell and flavor. Chashu was too fatty and not much flavor.

Rating : 1.5 / 5
Service: 3.5 / 5
Repeat: No

Isa Ramen
740 S Western Ave. Ste 116
Los Angeles, CA 90005

(213) 382-9020


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Jun 25, 2012

Great Balls on Tires food truck

It was back in 2011, I saw this funny name food truck"Great balls on tires" after GQ fashion night out in Beverly Hills. Well, I had to check it out. Now, I'm not sure if they are still on the road or not.


Ballywood (2 balls) $6
Garam masala chicken, coconut madras curry, crispy fried onions, tomato chutney, cilantro chutney, saffron basmati rice. Overpriced but good meatballs. I like the way they combined the meatballs with Indian flavor.



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Jun 24, 2012

Yummy pastries by Valerie Confections

When I was at Hester street fair in Hollywood, I saw Valerie confections. I was so excite about it.They didn't have any samples of their pastries, but they did have some preserves to taste. I tasted and it was simply delicious. It remind me of the jams I used to eat when I was living in Japan. No high fructose corn syrup, all natural ingredients. So delicious. But I didn't get it. I got some pastries.

Orange red apricot & basil cream galette (left), and corn & cherry scone (right). I think it was $5 + $3, total $8. I can't remember, but it was somewhere between $6-$8. They were both absolutely delicious but overpriced.

Orange red apricot & basil cream galette. Basil cream is very interesting. I had to try it.

Corn & cherry scone

Rating (food): 4 / 5
Rating (service):3 / 5

Valerie Confections
3360 W 1st St
Los Angeles, CA 90004

(213) 739-8149

Mon-Sat 10 am - 6 pm



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