Mar 31, 2015

No Bake Boozy Bites Margarita flavor


No Bake Boozy Bites are fun, delicious and so EASY to make!  No Baking Required.  Just add 2 or 2.5 oz of rum, tequila, brandy, whisky or other flavoring to the mix, form into 1/2 inch balls, toss with powdered sugar and refrigerate.

The final Bites come out rich, moist and delicious.  They are like the old 'rum balls' but with some modern flavors.

There are five flavors to choose from:
- Margarita (Lime, Orange and a hint of Vanilla).  Use Tequila, Rum or Orange Juice
- Pina Colada (Pineapple and Coconut).  Use Rum, Whiskey or Coconut Water
- Drunken Monkey (Banana, Chocolate and a hint of coffee).  Use Dark Rum, Whiskey or Chocolate Milkk
- Cranberry Cocoa (Cranberry, Cocoa, and a bit of vanilla cream).  Use Brandy, Vodka or Cosmo Mix
- Peppermint Cream (Peppermint, Cocoa and a bit of cream).  Use Brandy, Rum or Chocolate Milk.

Each packet makes about 24 1/2 inch size bites.  These make a nice addition to a home party, a bar-b-que, and as a hostess gift.

For a fun option consider coating each Bite with Melted Chocolate.  Just melt 1/2 C chocolate chips in the microwave and drizzle on top of each ball.  We suggest you place each ball on parchment paper.  Then cool and enjoy.

Keep finished balls in airtight container in the refrigerator.

Ingredients include (Margarita Version as a representative example):
Sweet Crumb (enriched flour, high fructose corn syrup, whole wheat flour, vegetable oil), sugar, diced citron (citron, pineapple, corn syrup, citric acid), corn starch, natural flavorings, honey, vanilla, xantham gum.
Mix was made in a facility with wheat, nut, dairy allergens.
Nutritional Information:
Serving size 38 grams (6 per package).  Amount per serving:  Calories 145, calories from fat 16, Total Fat 2g, Saturated Fat 1g, Trans fat 0g, Cholestoral 0g, Sodium 0g, Total Carbs 31g, dietary fiber 1g, Sugars 15g, Protein 1g.

I received Margarita flavor. I decided to make half with cointreau and half with rum. I really liked it with rum.

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