Mar 31, 2016

Tiger Nuts Smoothie Mix


Tiger Nuts are actually NOT nuts, they are a tuber that grows below the ground's surface. They have all of the nutrients and energy benefits of nuts and then some, but without the stuff that can adversely affect allergies. They are packed with fiber, vitamins and nutrients.

Like Almonds, Tiger Nuts can be made into MILK, and in Spain they make a drink that they call "Horchata", which is Tiger Nuts Milk and a bunch of fruit and alcohol is OK too.

While Tiger Nuts Milk is incredibly healthy for you, it's NUT FREE, Gluten Free, Lactose Free, Non GMO, Cholesterol Free, Dairy Free, Non Allergenic, packed with Nutrients and Vitamins, and it's Paleo Perfect, it's still time consuming and not the easiest to make.

Tiger nuts rival olive oil in helping to prevent cardiovascular disease, heart attacks, and thrombosis. High levels of fiber, good cholesterol, and other nutrients help control appetite and can even aid in managing healthy body weight. High magnesium levels help control blood pressure and encourage circulation.

I use it every morning when I make kale smoothie. When I mix with kale, banana and Tiger Nuts Smoothie mix, you really can't taste that smoothie mix. I'm not even sure if that has flavor or not, but I like it. Because that means I can mix with anything.

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