Apr 3, 2016

T-Spray Cosmetic Teeth & Oral Spray


Everyone uses mint spray or mints, or gums. I just received this teeth & oral spray by T-spray. They have 3 flavors, cranberry, mint, and green tea. I got very basil, mint. It's pretty strong, so I'd recommend if you have bad breath.

FRESH BREATH THAT BLOWS EVERYONE AWAY: Bad breath is an instant conversation killer. What's worse is that one in four adults are victims of bad breath. Blast bad breath away and keep your mouth fresh in an instant with T-SPRAY. Just spray a few times and you're ready to charm your date or ace that interview.

Knowing your teeth look whiter and brighter than ever gives you irresistible confidence. With T-SPRAY oral spray, you can now feel attractive and more confident. It prevents the growth of bacteria that causes stains in your teeth, giving you whiter teeth and a brighter smile!

ERADICATE CAVITIES: Cavities are caused by bacteria buildup in the tight areas your toothbrush can't reach. If neglected, it can lead to infection, damaged and sensitive teeth and gum disease. T-SPRAY oral spray targets those hard-to-reach areas preventing cavities from ruining your pearly whites. It contains Xylitol, which significantly reduces the rate of cavity formation.

PREVENT DRY MOUTH AND GUM DISEASE: Keep your mouth moist, clean and healthy with T-SPRAY. A few sprays inside your mouth and teeth effectively washes away residue on surface teeth and hydrates your entire oral area. It also contains Chitosan, which prevents bacteria buildup and lowers your chances of having gum disease.

SAY GOODBYE TO SENSITIVE TEETH: Tooth sensitivity is not only painful but it can also interfere with your quality of life. With T-SPRAY, you can enjoy your hot cup of coffee or your favorite chocolate ice cream anytime you want without worrying about the pain. It also contains rich Calcium ions which strengthen your teeth to be rock-hard! That means less sensitive teeth for a less sensitive you.


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