Jul 4, 2016

Cove Castile Soap for your DIY skincare and cleaner


I just received this Cove Castile Soap. You can dilute and mix it to create a thousand different personal care and cleaning products. Use it as a body wash, hand soap, shampoo, facial cleanser, shaving cream, baby wash, pet shampoo, dish soap, laundry detergent, scrubbing cleaner, glass cleaner, insecticide, anti-fungal plant spray, and many more!

Infused with organic lavender oil, this castile soap releases a calming and soothing fragrance as it cleans. It's perfect for sailing through your days and winding down at night.

It contain a moisturizing blend of Argan, Hemp and Jojoba oils.

Lavender Essential Oil is a popular essential oil frequently used in a variety of forms including aromatherapy oil, perfumes, gels, infusions, lotions, and soaps. Known as a natural sleep aid, people often use lavender oil to help regulate their sleeping patterns. Other benefits include:
- beautifully fragrant
- good for sinuses
- natural sleep aid
- calming and soothing aromas

Argan Oil is a highly moisturizing oil derived from the argan tree native to Morocco. Typically, pure castile soap can be quite drying for hair, so the addition of argan oil helps to boost the moisturizing properties of the soap.

Jojoba Oil is the only oil that closely resembles human sebum – a waxy substance naturally produced by glands within the skin. This makes it a great choice for natural skin conditioner.

Hemp Oil is rich in proteins, essential fatty acids omega-3 and omega-6, and vitamin E antioxidants. These nutrients have a number of great effects when used on skin.

You can feel good about using this soap. It's natural, vegan, and fully biodegradable. We left out the bad stuff, so there's no detergents, no foaming agents, no chemicals, and no animal products - only pure, certified organic plant oils transformed into soap. We keep it simple and eco-conscious.


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