Aug 21, 2016

Swissvita 3D all use cleanser, skin serum and anti-spot serum


Just received Swissvita 3D all use skincare items.
Swissvita Dark Spot Corrector with AC-11 is in serum form, it is absorbed by the skin much faster. It is concentrated, water-based, lightweight and doesn't leave a barrier on your skin. This means you get to see the benefits faster than ever.

Aside from giving you soft, silky, firmer and brighter skin, Swissvita Facial Cleanser with AC-11® is also perfect for removing eye and face makeup. It leaves the skin feeling refreshed and healthy.

This high potency anti-aging serum was formulated with a greater concentration of active ingredients. Just a small pearl drop of this product is sufficient to work on the entire face. With Swissvita, there is no need to acquire different products for different skin issues. This serum helps diminish fine lines, smoothes wrinkles and reduces dark spots at the same time. Three skin care benefits rolled into one product.

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