Jul 16, 2017

RuckPack energy drink


OMG, if you need the energy all day, this is the one you wanna try. I had one in the morning, and I had so much more energy than usually, I did everything I needed to do, and I couldn't sleep until 2am.

RuckPack has been featured on Shark Tank, Beyond the Tank, Entrepreneur Magazine, Bloomberg Radio, Fox and Friends, Marine Times, People Magazine and Google even featured RuckPack in a Google Apps commercial.

Originally founded by Marine Special Operations Forces in the battlefields of Afghanistan, RuckPack is military service-member owned and operated. RuckPack remains committed to their military roots, and everything RuckPack offers is designed with the warfighter in mind. RuckPack is made in the USA and is committed to giving up to 10% of profits back to charity.

RuckPack is the supplement company founded on the battlefield by Special Operations Forces to help endure the rigors of war. RuckPack’s active ingredients work synergistically to promote core nutrition, razor sharp focus, instant energy and prolonged stamina. Combat, sports, work, or kids - whatever your daily battle is - RuckPack will help keep you in the fight!

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