Dec 9, 2017

A special event introducing Australian Wagyu Beef to the LA market

So I was at this special event introducing Australian wagyu beef that happened 2 days ago. Everything was cooked by talented chefs, everything was really delicious. Sometimes it's nice to keep eating only steaks until you get really full. Anyway, now you can buy Aussie wagyu in Los Angeles. That's awesome.

The Australian Phoenix Beef range represents a wide variety of beef specifications to suit the discerning beef consumer. From natural, free range, hormone and antibiotic free beef to premium grain fed beef to our superior marbled Wagyu beef they have an Aussie beef brand to suit.

Ribeye. This Aussie wagyu carpaccio was delicious
NY steak with purple potato


Cheesecakes, tiramisu, etc

They had steaks to take home
I got home with cooler filled with goodies.

Dec 6, 2017

TeaShot - Little Tokyo (2)

 I was here recently to try their new menu items.

CLICK HERE for more pics. 

 rose black milk tea, love latte with dragon fruit, cherry blossom tea, sunset fruit.
Pic left is their new drink, love latte with dragon fruit with boba, and right pic is sunset fruit with boba. They use real dragon fruit to make this drink.
This is their new vanilla holiday cookie shots. I'm sure Santa Claus will enjoy this new cookies and milk!
They make pretty cool colorful drinks, and you can choose sugar level.

123 Astronaut E S Onizuka St. Ste 101D
Los Angeles, CA 90012

(213) 628-3886

Mon-Sat:10:00 am - 9:00 pm
Sun:11:00 am - 9:00 pm

Nov 29, 2017

Chef Box - Pasadena

Chef box offers meals for lunch and dinner that can be quickly heated at work or at home. Initially 17 talented local chefs representing array of food styles, Chefbox will offer something unique to consumers with each visit. Mealboxes can be picked up in stores, ordered online, or delivered.

And you don't have to worry even you are on a diet or vegan. They do have many kinds of  mealboxes, such as for kids, vegan, vegetarian, protein, sushi, southern food, american food, pasta, Thai food, just salad, and for dogs.  There's microwave so you can just microwave and eat in a car if you are in hurry.

Here's the bio about the chefs.

So many choices

Healthy yet delicious
Slow cooked beef in panang sauce was one of my favorite.
This is one of their recommended mealbox, Jamaican style beef patties. We loved it.

Chef Box 
434 Fair Oaks Ave,
South Pasadena, CA 91030

Open 7 days a week: 10AM–8PM

189 by Dominique Ansel - Los Angeles

Dominique Ansel's bakery is finally open in L.A. I was actually thinking to go to Tokyo location while I was in Japan but I couldn't make it so I got really excited when I found out they are actually opening in L.A. I went about a week or 2 weeks after they open. I went on Wednesday and there was no line. I've heard you have to wait about an hour on weekends. So go there on weekdays if you wanna avoid the wait. Also they do offer 2 hour parking validation. There's machine you can scan yourself right by the entrance.

So many baked goods. I still regrets how come I didn't get cronuts? Well, next time.

I'm gonna try "california roll" next time. It's interesting and I heard it's good.


So here's what we got.
Almond croissant $4.75
Mini-me cake $7
Rich chocolate cake topped with mini meringues
was too sweet and too rich for us.
Paris-LA $7.25
Paris breast with Muscavado Ganache, Orange blossom ganache and Raspberry Chambord jam

Cotton-soft cheesecake $6.75 and Chestnut rose cassis Mont Blanc $8
Chestnut cream accented with rose and cassis, set atop a salted butter cookie and finished with a vanilla ganache and vanilla meringue baton on top.
Chestnut cream tasted like purple sweet potato, very unique. Absolutely beautiful Mont Blanc.

189 by Dominique Ansel 
189 The Grove Dr,
Los Angeles, CA 90036