Oct 23, 2016

Dessert week L.A. 10.15.16

First ever Dessert week LA event was great. Sampling from the Top 25 Desserts in LA. I even took some croissants and pies to go! I saw some people brought own boxes and containers.

CLICK HERE for all the pics.  


Minos Moka Pot Espresso Maker

Using the Minos Moka Pot to create your daily caffeinated brew is an art in and of itself. Get artisan-style coffee than using a coffee maker like the Minos Moka Pot.
The smaller rim at the top also makes it safer to use with less risk for spillage.

Classic aluminum stovetop Moka Pots are known to last for years. The Minos Moka Pot is made from heavy stainless steel, which is much stronger and can withstand heat much more than aluminum. You can expect your Minos Pot to not only give you delicious, artisanal Italian-style coffee, but also continue to do so for a long, long time.

With the Minos Moka Pot, you get switchable, multi-colored handles that come in yellow, blue and pink. Change it around based on your preference any time you want. And while Moka Pots are known to last a long time, their handles are often the first to break or melt due to intense heat. Now you’ll have instant spares for if the handle breaks

The Minos Moka Pot was designed to be simple and easy to use for everyday coffee lovers. There are no moving or spinning parts that easily get broken or lost. The sleek design makes it easier for cleanup than classic Moka Pots and other types of coffee makers. Can be used on gas, electric and ceramic stovetops. No complicated technology included. Just an authentic, romantic, delicious brew of coffee every day.

The pot is probably enough to make 3 cups of espresso.


Oct 11, 2016

Tokyo Hamburg - Koreatown

I came here during the soft opening and tried their signature Tokyo style hamburg and one dessert. But they were different from what we expected. We thought they serve Tokyo (or Japanese) style food, but what we got wasn't really Tokyo style. Also everything is overpriced for what you get. Although I'm willing to go back and try other stuff we couldn't try.

Tokyo original hamburg $13.99

So to me, it was really not "hamburg", it was more like "hamburger".  I felt like I was just eating hamburger patty. No flavor. Also the dipping sauces they served was more like dipping sauce for Korean BBQ. You are serving it as Japanese style but they don't serve it with demi glaze sauce or daikon.
As you can see, it's not cooked so you cook by yourself.
After 10 minutes or so, the stone won't be hot anymore, so just ask to the server to change the stone.
Tokyo special parfait $10.99
Not really sure which part is "toyko style" about it. It was so disappointed. A slice of roll cake that you can purchase at Japanese grocery store, with canned peach, cornflakes, and ice cream.

Tokyo Hamburg 
600 S New Hampshire Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90005

 (213) 263-2668

Mon-Thu:11:00 am - 10:00 pm
Fri-Sat:11:00 am - 11:00 pm
Sun: closed



Faux-Cils false eyelashes

I just received these beautiful eyelashes. They are all slightly different, as it says, "glam", "volume" and "sexy". They are soft and comfortable wearing.

The False eyelashes are Specialized made by hand entirely, high quality synthetic fibers and designed to look natural and feel great for everyday use

Fiber Very soft and comfortable to wear Suitable for Party or Professional Make up Easy to use, can make your eyes look bright and attractive


Oct 9, 2016

Anko - Koreatown

Back in August, Anko reopened with new ownership and new menu. The menu is simple, and shaved ice were all really delicious. I'd definitely go back to try tomato shaved ice and grain shaved ice!

Black sesame

Not only top, but there were red bean and black sesame inside, too.
Mint Chocolate

Aronia alkalinade
He's making Alkalinade

400 S Western Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90020

(213) 568-3657
Parking: valet  or street



Oct 4, 2016

Drips Swirls just opened in Koreatown

Drips Swirls soft serve place finally opened in Koreatown. I was here while they were still testing out the flavors. I believe they change the flavors often. Their soft serve is all made from scratch, so of course it tastes fresh and good. I highly recommended to try Cap'n crunch soft serve and cold brew.

Cap'n crunch - was my favorite. I'm not familiar with cap'n crunch cereals since I never had them before, but it was rich and tasty.
cold brew - No joke. It was really good cold brew, coffee shop quality.
Roasted corn
Charcoal soft serve

Drips & Swirls
3076 W 8th St
Los Angeles, CA 90005

(213) 568-3021

Mon-Fri:7:00 am - 9:00 pm
Sat:11:00 am - 10:00 pm
Sun: Closed



Oct 2, 2016

Oita Bungo Wagyu beef fair at Wadatsumi by Harikawa 10/3-10/16

For the limited time only, Wadatsumi by Harikawa will be having Oita Bungo Wagyu beef fair between 10/3-10/16 and I was here for pre-tasting. You get to try Omakase course menu for $65. It's worth it. I believe this is the only time you get to try Oita bungo wagyu in L.A.

CLICK HERE, HERE, and HERE for more pics at Harikawa.

About Oita Bungo beef:
Oita bungo beef has been raised in Oita's wonderful nature and is a masterpiece of beef with a shining history and records. It has a rice, yet mild, melt in the mouth flavor.

They have happy hour!

Beer and White peach sour
Appetizer assortment - Beef sashimi / Ankimo / brown rice crispy rice with beef tartar

Bungo wagyu roast beef
Today's sashimi - Halibut carpaccio
The chef himself actually go to the fish market and pick the fish so it's always fresh.
Low temperature aged Bungo wagyu chuck eye steak
seasonal veggies (kinpira) under beef
As you can see, each slices are big and long. They don't just give you a tiny piece of meat.
Bungo wagyu sushi assortment - one of them had uni on top!

Bungo wagyu Hitsumabushi and pickles

Today's homemade ice cream - black sugar ice cream (left) and green apple (right)

Wadatsumi by Harikawa 
10914 W Pico Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90064
(310) 470-0014

Mon-Fri:12:00 pm - 2:00 pm / 5:30 pm - 10:00 pm
Sat:12:00 pm - 2:00 pm / 5:30 pm - 10:30 pm
Sun: 4pm-9pm


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