April 2012 - Vegas and Food

Apr 30, 2012

Ice Kiss - Koreatown

Ice Kiss has been on my list to go for their shaved ice. So yeah, of course I got my shaved ice. This place also has variety of drinks, including sweet potato milkshake which made from real sweet potato (not powder), and also taro, oreo, lychee, and more. Check the menu below.

Also it's kinda weird that the workers were sitting and chatting behind us. Also the worker told me that I can't take pictures of the menu. She didn't say anything about taking pics of the food though..

Sweet potato milkshake (left) $5.50
I can't remember what's the other one. I did like my sweet potato shake, if you like sweet potato, I think you're gonna like it because it's very sweet potato.

Taro shaved ice (single) $6.99
I was hoping they serve with taro ice cream, but it was vanilla ice cream with taro powder on top. Oh well. Still, you can't go wrong with shaved ice.

Rating: 3.3 / 5
Service: 3 / 5
Repeat: Yes

Ice Kiss
3407 W 6th St
Los Angeles, CA 90020
(213) 382-4776

Mon-Sun 11 am - 1 am


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Apr 28, 2012

Yellow house cafe - Koreatown

If you see yellow house on Oxford and 2nd, then that's the Yellow House Cafe. Nice patio with overpriced food and drinks.


Chocolate shake (left) $5.95 and Banana mocha latte (right) $6.50

Red bean & green tea frappe $6.95 and  Oreo shaved ice $5.95

Oreo cookies, vanilla ice cream, shaved ice, it's that simple but yummy.

Rating: 3.5 / 5
Service: 3 / 5
Repeat: Yes

Yellow house cafe
234 S Oxford Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90004

(213) 365-0820

Mon-Thu, Sun 11 am - 12 am
Fri-Sat 11 am - 2 am



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Natas Pastries - Sherman Oaks

I was excited when I came here with my friend. But I was REALLY disappointed when I got home because the cashier guy gave me my friend's order. So I got all the pastries that I didn't want. This was almost a year ago, but I'm still pissed off. I guess this could happen if he was just keep chatting and not really paying attention. I had 3 egg tarts, choco covered strawberry and cream puff. I think the total was around $10.

All the pastries were average. Not much to talk about. My fried ate the pastries I bought, she told me they weren't delicious. But I'm willing to go back and try the pastries I really wanted to try.

cream puff

egg tart

Rating: 3.3 / 5
Service: 3 / 5
Repeat: Yes

Natas Pastries
13317 Ventura Blvd
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423
(818) 788-8050

Mon-Sun 8 am - 11 pm



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Apr 27, 2012

French Crepe Company - The Grove

Pics from French Crepe company at The Grove. I didn't really order them, I was just stealing my friend's crepes.

Crepe Marcel (crepe with applesauce) $5.83

La Sorbonne (Banana with chocolate syrup) $7.48

French Crepe Company
6333 W 3rd St
Los Angeles, CA 90036

(323) 934-3113

Mon-Sat 7:30 am - 9 pm Sun 7:30 am - 7 pm



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Apr 25, 2012

French Crepe - Burbank

It was almost a year ago, I stopped by before the movie or something. I thought we had enough time to eat but they were so slow making our food so I told them "we really have to go" and they finally brought our food. We took a bite, then wrapped up my crepe and left. I had to eat at the theater.  Also to me, this place is overpriced for what you get.


Iced Cappuccino $4.20 

Chicken Salad $8.25

Seafood Thermidor Crepe $10
squid, scallops,mussels,immitation crab meat, shrimp & sliced mushrooms in a rich creamy lobster sauce. Garnished with green and red pepper.

Rating: 3.5 / 5
Service: 3 / 5
Repeat: Yes

French Crepe
108 E. Palm Ave.
Burbank, CA 91502

(818) 846-0566



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