December 2014 - Vegas and Food

Dec 29, 2014

Cafe Giverny - Koreatown

Only about a month old, new cafe just opened up in Koreatown, right next to Yellow House Cafe.
I guess they are having grand opening special until the end of the year, we got free macarons with our drink purchase. We ordered 3 drinks and we got 3 complimentary macarons.

The menu is very simple. Teas, juice, simple coffees, and some macarons and scones. No shaved ice or food.

CLICK HERE for 1 min Tastemade video.

Very quiet and nice.

Affogato $7
Espresso + vanilla ice cream

They asked us if we want more espresso and we said yes. So they gave us extra cup of espresso for free.

Pistachio macaron

Red Velvet and Earl Grey Macarons

Americano $4.50
One of the most popular drink here. And free refill, which is a big plus. Most cafes in Koreatown doesn't do free refill.

Rating: 4.5 / 5
Service: 4.5 / 5
Repeat: Yes

Cafe Giverny 
252 S Oxford Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90004
(213) 637-0204

Evolve Vitamin's Green Coffee Bean Extract

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Pure Body Naturals eye gel, lemon oil, and peppermint oil

I recently received following products by Pure Body Naturals. I love all of them. I used lemon oil to polish my silver jewelry, also house cleaning. I used peppermint oil as an aroma essence. It's actually really good when you are coughing. I've been coughing for almost two weeks now, and I wanted to have some nice refreshing aroma in my room so I used peppermint oil and my cough stopped (almost). I was feeling so much better.

Ultra Youth Eye Gel

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100% Pure Lemon Oil

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100% Pure and Natural peppermint oil

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Naturalico Vitamin C Serum

This serum made my skin softer instantly. Love it.

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Dec 23, 2014

Tastemade event Hyundai's Sonata Sleigh Ride + gourmet fare

 Here's some pics from Tastemade Hyundai's Sonata Sleigh Ride + gourmet fare event. We enjoyed food from Fill R Up, Ayara Thai Cuisine, Fair Game, Doma Kitchen, Diablo Tacos, Gourmandise School, Chomp Eatery, Caroline MiLi Artiss and Groundwork Coffee.

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CLICK HERE for 1 min tastemade video

Dec 19, 2014

Tastemade Ugly Sweater Party

Some of the pics from Tastemade Ugly Sweater Party.

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CLICK HERE for 1 min Tastemade Video.

Some of the workers from the restaurants

I won ruffle prize. I wanted Stumptown mugs and that's what I won. Great. I came home with all that Stumptown goodies.