Oct 17, 2006

Harrah's - The Range Steakhouse


Since everybody said that this steakhouse is delicious so I wanted to try here, we also had enough comps to use.
I was little dissapointed, everything was just ok, I wouldn't pay my own money for these.
It's too expensive if I have to pay for it.
Not the place that I wanna go again.
There are so many other places better than here.

crab cake $15 (taste wasn't like steakhouse crab cake, it was more like a cafe taste)

free bread

free bagle chips (we didn't like it)

salad (came with today's special, taste was like a cafe salad, not good at all, tomato was so hard)

Ribeye $34

daily special( I think it was surf and turf) $49.95
(I didn't like it at all, but my husband liked it)
I believe it was filet mignon and sea bass.

ice cream and sorbet $6

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