Oct 18, 2006

Luxor - Fusia


Another place that very dissapointed. I wouldn't eat here again.

Fusia Fried Rice $12

Calamari $13 (We both didn't like this one.)

Dim Sum Sampler $16
(I believe it was shumai, potstickers, and some kind of rolled cabbage and ground meat in it) Shumai and potsticker was so so. I really didn't like the cabbage one.

Crab Stack $13

Miso Sea Bass $27
(The people who were sitting next to us recommended it and my husband liked it but I didn't.)

Fusia Chocolate Decadence $9
(Dark chocolate mousse cake, chocolate bombe, and Godiva shake)
This was good.

Creme Brulee $9
(Vanilla, Green Tea, and Coconut, but it was all same taste to me and my husband said same thing)

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