Oct 19, 2006

Slot Tournament


Ok, I know we sound like an old couple but we love slot tournament.
We get invitations a lot.
Now, there are two types of slot tournament, one is invited guests only and free, or anybody can play but you have to pay entry fee and prizes are not so good.
We only go to invited guests only slot tournaments.
Usually offer includes 3 free nights, welcome gift, and Awards banquet, also there are some snacks and drinks at the tournaments.
This invited slot tournaments are always good because prizes are really good and most tournaments gives at least $100 free play to all the players.

Here's the some of the offers we received recently, for Halloween.
Since all offers are same day, we can only go one of them. Too bad that you can't combine offers.

Bellagio - includes 3 nights and welcome gift.
Top prize $20,000.

Monte Carlo - includes 3 nights and welcome gift, costume contest and awards ceremony.
Top prize for slot $12,000 cash / Top prize for costume contest $6,000 cash

NYNY - includes 3 nights and welcome gift, $10,000 free play costume contest and Awards Banquet.
Top prize $10,000 cash day 1, and day 2 (so total top prize is $20,000)

MGM - includes 3 nights, costume contest, dining in selected restaurants during the stay (which is 3 times a day), and Awards Banquet.
Top Prize $20,000 in cash day 1 and 2 (total $40,000)
Top Prize for costume contest $1,500 in free play

Mirage -includes 3 nights and welcome gift, Awards Dinner, and costume contest ($1000 each in free play for the top five winners).
Top prize for slot $25,000 in cash

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