Nov 13, 2006

Bellagio - mini bar


We just got home from Vegas for Rolling Stones concert. It was very crowded!
We got 2 tickets, and 3 nights at Bellagio. But when we got at Bellagio and checking-in, they also told us that we have RFL, which is free food at cafe, buffet, room service, mini bar and Noodles.
And here's the picture of the mini-bar in the room.
My husband was keep getting whisky($9~) and nuts($10~), I got some sodas ($4~), V8 (my first time and it was gross), Starbucks, and $3 KitKat.

Believe or not, my sodas and frappuccino was expired. It wasn't like a month old but a couple of days but still they shouldn't have something that expired and this is at Bellagio!!

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