Nov 28, 2006

Caesars - Bradley Ogden


Bradley Ogden at Caesars. Service was great. Food was fine. I believe their menu changes quite often. My husband ordered pepsi and it was $4, the second cup was $2.75. Nope, no free refill.
Everything seems small portions but we were both full when we were eating entree.

free bread

Amuse bouche ...mousse? The pink one on top was salmon
it was great

farmers market green salad $15
It was very good (I just noticed they charged us $18 instead of $15)

Kabocha squash soup $17
mussels, curry, granny smith apple. delicious.

Dayboat sea scallops $39
Taste: good


Organic fall vegetable tasting $34

tomato soup

butternut squash agnolotti

heirloom potatoes

Pear tart and maple panna cotta $14
pear chardonnay sorbet, grapes, caramelized pecans.
panna cotta and sourbet was good.

I'm guessing it's peanut butter mousse. It was free

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