Nov 1, 2006

MGM - Grand Wok - part 1


Grand Wok at MGM. Chinese and Japanese food. Sushi bar opens 5pm, I believe.
Service here is sometimes ok, but sometimes really bad.
The total was almost $200 but we got all for free.

Tataki $12.95
taste: ok

Sunomono $6.95
taste: fine

Egg $9.50 ($4.75 x2), Shiro maguro $6.95, Ama ebi $9.50, Red Dragon Roll
taste: egg was fine. Ama ebi (sweet shrimp) was weird

Red Dragon Roll $16.95
taste: makes me sick

Braised Abalone $88 (comes with rice)
My husband HATED.
This was in July and when we were here in Oct, it was $89

Creme Brulee Duo $8

Green Tea Ice Cream $4.99

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