Dec 7, 2006

After Thanksgiving in Vegas


These pics are from Thanksgiving weekend.
I thought not so many people going to Vegas on Thanksgiving day but I was wrong.

Parrot at Flamingo

Bellagio. When we were here, they were just changing from Halloween to Christmas.

and it should look like this now

Coach store at outlet mall on Black Friday. People waiting outside.
We went there when there was no line but 1 min later, long line again.
I didn't buy anything because I knew MGM holiday gift shoppe gonna have some Coach purses and yes, I got some at holiday gift shoppe!

All other stores were so cheap! We were at Dolce & Gabbana store and I saw really cute sandals, retails for $3000 BUT it was only $500!! Also they had $6000 coat and it was like $1500.
That's bargain! BUT we didn't buy anything there.

Deli platter from our host.
Value: $14.50 per person

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