Dec 10, 2006

Bellagio - Noodles 2006


Noodles at Bellagio. Food here was TERRIBLE! Nothing delicious.
We thought maybe we can have some good food here since it's Bellagio but no!!! Not this place. DON'T EAT HERE especially if you know what the real dim sum or other Asian food taste like!
This is the place for people who doesn't know what taste should be.
And it's expensive. Luckily we got those nasty food for free.
Oh, and no refill here. One soda is $4.

Stuffed mushrooms $4.75

Steamed BBQ pork buns $3.50

Spring Rolls $3.95

Deep fried shrimp balls $5.50

Shiu Mai $3.50

Wonton curry prawn $10.50
It was really bad

Satay $9.50
taste was terrible, we only ate one skewer.

Hong Kong Egg Noodles (with chicken) $17.50

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