Dec 18, 2006

Mitsuwa supermarket in Little Tokyo, L.A.


Here's the pics when we were at Mitsuwa supermarket in Little Tokyo, L.A.
If you need any Japanese stuff, you should go here, you can get real Japanese food. On Sunday, they have some free sample food. You can also buy pack of sushi here and taste is very good. Taste is exactly what I was eating in Japan.

Isn't this so cute? DOG BANK (with pudding jelly) $4.99

I used to get this when I was a little (like over 15 years ago), and they still have this stuff.
It's snacks in Santa boots.


COKE BLAK (Coffee flavored coke)

MontBlanc $2.49 (on sale) I love it!!
If you never had Montblanc, you should try it.
It's a chestnut flavor and it's really good.

bread $1.30 Yummy!!

I bought green tea ($3.99) and Azuki ($2.99) ice creams

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