Dec 1, 2006

New York New York - Chin Chin

Chin Chin at New York New York, Vegas. Food arrived very fast, all other NYNY restaurants serves really slow and server never come back but this is the only place wasn't.
Taste was fine, compared to other casino Chinese restaurant.

Shui-mai $6.95

Shrimp fried rice $8.50

Max's noodles $8.95

Shrimp with snow peas $15.95 (our receipt says $14.75 and not sure why)

brown rice $1.50

Mon-Fri 7:30am-11pm
Sat-Sun 8am-11pm


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PaganPoetry said...

We were in NYNY about 2 weeks ago, and we were looking for something a little "different" for a light lunch (aka, not buffet or pizza or mexican)....we thought this place was pretty good. We split a few plates of appetizers (Crab Rangoon, Gift-Wrapped Chicken, and, I think Chicken Gyozo or Dim-Sum)....hubby also had a lovely cocktail, can't remember the name, but it was made with Midori (melon liqeur)...yummy!

We'd eat here again :) Also love that you can get take-out food easily here. If we ever stay at NYNY, we'd do this instead of room service if we were Vegas-tired :)

I agree that it's a little bit unimaginative, but the food was good and reasonably priced :)

Anonymous said...

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