Mar 15, 2007

Cavi Cucina Italiana - Newhall, CA (CLOSED)


Cavi Cucina Italiana restaurant in Newhall, CA. Good Italian food, and good service.
I had this very interesting linguine with grapefruit jus sauce. Pasta was harder than usual (but in a good way), once I start eating, I couldn't stop eating. I was just keep going, going, and going... yeah, it was gooood. My husband had this very unique looking pasta, I know, it looks like a insect, but taste was good. My tiramisu was also interesting, instead of using espresso coffee, this tiramisu uses limoncello liquer. They also have regular tiramisu which uses espresso.

Malloreddusu alla sarda $13.50
Special Sardinian pasta with saffron, tomato sauce and sausage

Tagliolini pupillo $13.50
Thin linguine with fresh crab meat and pink grapefruit jus sauce

Tiramisu al limoncello $6

Cavi Cucina Italiana
23754 Lyons Ave
Newhall, CA 91322
(661) 254-2475

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