Apr 5, 2007

Rio Rio Churrascaria Bar & Grill - Valencia, CA (CLOSED)


Rio Rio Churrascaria Bar & Grill in Valencia, CA. Located just outside Magic Mountain.
A place for all you can eat meat. $17.70 for lunch. But I didn't want any meat so only my husband got this meat buffet, I ordered food from their regular menu.

So with this all you can eat meat, he also gets some side dishes. The waiter brings them to you. My husband was very disappointed because their website says that there is also meatloaf, pasta, and other things, but it wasn't there. So funny, because the customer who was sitting behind us left the restaurant because he wanted to have salad bar, but the salad bar wasn't ready, and really nothing was there.

Now, don't think you can eat so much meat because it's all you can eat, remember, you have to sit and wait for the meat! My husband was waiting for a while, even he was ready to eat, nobody brings the meat! After sitting here for over 1 hour, he only got less than 10 pieces of dried over cooked meat. We are NOT coming back again.

Sampler platter $18 (yup, this was more than the all you can eat meat price)
Chicken wings, chicken skewers, crab cakes, empanadas, jumbo coconut shrimps
(When we were here, they said they didn't have any empanadas so they put an extra crab cake instead. Lucky for me, because empanada has cheese in it and I didn't want it)

Now, this doesn't look like so much food but I couldn't finish eating it, it was way too much food for me. And heavy food. Taste was so weird. No, it wasn't good at all. Even my favorite crab cakes tasted weird. After eating half way, I felt so sick. Please don't order this. I should have gotten dessert sampler instead of appetizer sampler.

chicken skewers
Dry, hard, and weird taste

chicken wings, coconut shrimps
Wings was fine, but this shrimp!! It was hard like a meat, I was cutting this shrimp with knife! The hardest shrimp I ever had. And you can really tastes coconut, like little too much.


carrots and fried bananas

spinach and mashed potatoes


black beans and jasmine rice

My husband said all the meat was dry and hard and over cooked. Not good at all.
Also, because it was lunch time, they only serve cheap parts of meats such as legs, thighs, no chicken breasts or something delicious.

sirloin, chicken thigh

bacon-wrapped beef, sausage, chicken leg, tri-tip

Passion fruit mousse $6.50
This dessert was good. You can taste passion fruit a lot. It wasn't like a mousse, it was more like custard. Very rich.

Outside the building smelled so bad


Rio Rio Churrascaria Bar & Grill

27430 The Old Road
Valencia, CA 91355

Phone: 661.253.0888

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