Apr 19, 2007

Stratosphere - Naga Chinese Express


Here's the food at Naga China Express, Stratosphere. OMG, the food here is really really bad. And we received our entrees cold.
When we asked for our bill, our waitress forgot to add all 3 entrees to our bill, but then she realized and fixed it, but also she forgot to add our ice cream to the bill. Well, this was all comp but still, it's pretty stupid. I highly NOT recommend this place.

combination $8.95
(2 shrimp tempura, 2 egg rolls, 2 crab rangoon, 2 pot stickers)
Pot stickers were good.

sushi: shrimp $5.95 and yellowtail $5.95

Eggplant with tofu $6.95

Szechwan shrimp $7.95

House pan-fried noodles $8.25

Miso soup $2.50

Egg flower soup $2.95

Green tea ice cream $2.50
It was weird color, like they used food coloring

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