May 24, 2007

Japanese Flan, Sweet Potato Apple Pie


Flan (milk pudding) and potato apple pie. Bought at Mitsuwa Japan Gourmet Foods Fair.

Milk pudding from Italian Tomato (located inside Mitsuwa) $9.80 for 4 pcs. (2 custard, 1 green tea, and 1 coffee).
Creamy, very thick on top, very smooth almost like liquid bottom. Really good. The only thing is that because the top of the jar is really small, you can't use your regular spoon. I had to use fast-food plastic fork to eat.

Potato apple pie from Ra Poppo $7.90. Using Japanese yellow sweet potato. I really loved this. Not too sweet like American apple pie. Crust was different from American apple pie. It was like half cookie dough and half something else.

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