May 26, 2007

Japanese snacks 3


Pura Loli Hello Kitty $3.99. There are 8 Hello Kittys you could get, plus 1 secret rare Hello Kitty, and you don't know which one until you open the package. This was the last package at the store and I just had to get it.

I got this rare Hello Kitty. Sometimes the last one nobody wants is lucky.

Pretz (flan flavor, 79 cents) and Takenoko no sato (limited edition $2.29)

When I opened Pretz, it smelled so good and it was good.

Meiji Almond chocolate (99cents), Fujiya LOOK Cake Shop (99cents), and Cho-pan (99cents)

I liked Almond chocolate, but not other two. Cho-pan, I just didn't like it. LOOK Cake Shop tasted too much sweet alcohol and it didn't taste like Monc Blanc flavor at all.

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