May 16, 2007

Vegas offer - 5.15.07


Planet Hollywood:
$30,000 Let Freedom Ring slot tournament (1st place $7,000)
3 complimentary nights and tournament

So here's what I think.
The best slot tournaments are from MGM company (MGM, Bellagio, T.I., Mirage, Monte Carlo, NY NY, Mandalay Bay).
The reason is because always prizes are higher than others and better, and less people, and there are always food and gifts.
Like usually, their first prizes are $10,000-$20,000, based on 100-200 people, and everybody who plays at tournament gets $100 in free play. Other places like Caesars, Flamingo, etc., their tournaments are based on 300-400 people, and prizes are less, and only top 50-100 people get something.
Smaller casinos, like Planet Hollywood, Hooters, or any casino in downtown have usually really small prizes, like you can tell from my offer today.

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