Jun 18, 2007

Caesars Palace - Augustus Tower (2)


Caesars Palace Augustus Tower again. CLICK HERE for more pics of Augustus Tower.

On this trip, we decided to go to see a show, because if you are Total Rewards (Harrah's) Diamond, you get 2 free tickets every month, so we saw Jubilee at Bally's. We got our tickets just 10 minutes before the show started, and we were lucky enough to get really good seats with a booth and table, for free. After the show, we were playing slots, we both didn't have any luck, just losing money. I was playing Wheel of Fortune, and I didn't do any good so I stopped playing, and changed to the machine behind me, a 777-style $1 machine. I got a $1,500 jackpot after about 5 spins. All the people who were playing Wheel of Fortune behind me were so surprised, and everybody said the same thing to me, "Hey, you just sat down!" "Good job". I'm sure some of them were really angry at me even though they said "Congratulations".

After my jackpot, I played more $1 machines, but I wasn't doing good, so I stopped, and started playing "Money Storm" video slots to take a break from the $1 machines. I did really good on that, I kept getting the bonus, and one time I got 50 free spins. I made almost $300. It was a 1-cent machine.

Inside the closet


Shampoo, conditioner, lotion, soaps, shower gel
(It was different from last time)

I found this secret box in the bathroom drawer. Inside was a shower cap, sewing kit, etc


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