Jun 26, 2007

Caesars Palace - Empress Court


Empress Court at Caesars Palace. Good service, but too expensive!

To get to the restaurant you take the elevator up to a second level, it's like a secret entrance. Inside the restaurant is really nice, very relaxing. Not crowded at all. Our table was with big comfy sofa and pillows, it was great. We decided to order very basic Chinese food such as fried rice, chicken with cashews, and lo mein. We wanted to see if it tastes better than the food in Chinatown. Everything tasted just ok, but again, way too expensive for the taste. The guy who brought us the food spilled water all over the table. Glad we didn't have our camera on the table!

We decided to order the "soup of the day", and our waiter asked, "Are you sure?". My husband likes it when the waiter asks that because it means it's probably very traditional and supposed to be the real food you get in China. It was melon soup with some pork meat and bones and pieces of green melon in it. It looked very wierd. We never had something like this before, but the taste was actually very good.

Soup of the Day $8

Fantail Shrimp $12
Very unique taste, the sauce was sweet but it was good.

Seafood Harvest Fried Rice $16

Chicken with Cashew Nuts $18

Caesars Lo Mein $18

Mango Pudding $5.50
My favorite Chinese dessert!

(877) 346-4642

Hours: Wed-Sun, 5-11 pm
Closed Mon & Tues


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