Jun 20, 2007

Monte Carlo - Cafe


24-hour cafe at Monte Carlo, called "Cafe". What a stupid name! Anyway, we were just thirsty and wanted some quick drinks. It was after 1 am. There were open tables but somehow we had to wait 5 minutes to get seated. I still don't understand why we had to wait. So pissing me off! Then, we waited for our server, and finally ordered our drinks, then 10 minutes later, the waiter came back and asked us for our order again. I guess he forgot what we ordered. We just ordered two smoothies! It took about 20 minutes from when we placed our order to when we finally got our smoothies. We also ordered a bottled water, and what we got for $2.50 was a small "Monte Carlo" plastic bottle.
Everybody in the cafe seemed so angry because they couldn't get their waiter. We heard some lady screaming "Where is the waiter?", and also the couple sitting behind us was really angry about waiting so long. If you don't like waiting, I don't recommend this cafe.
Their website says: "With so many mouth-watering dishes, we’re certain you’ll leave feeling satisfied". Don't believe that!

Mango Peach $4.50 and Creamsicle $4.50

Water $2.50


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