Jul 30, 2007

Roman's - Sherman Oaks

Roman's in Sherman Oaks. This was the coffee bar side. Very reasonable for what you get. Workers were very friendly. Especially I liked my tiramisu, chocolate mousse, and palmier. I can't wait to go back there and try more!

Tiramisu $3.95
You have to try this!

Chocolate trio mousse $3.95

Napoleon $3.95
Difficult to eat (well, I guess that's Napoleon) but this custard was very good

Pumpkin walnut cheesecake (I think) $3.95
This one was only the one I didn't like

Palmier $1.45

15100 Ventura blvd.
Sherman Oaks, CA 91403
(818) 205-1010


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Jul 29, 2007

China Wok - Canyon Country

China Wok in Canyon Country, near Walmart Super Store. When you are hungry, anything tastes good, but this wasn't.

Egg roll (4) $4.50

Mixed Lo Mein $7.45

China Wok
20655 Soledad Canyon Rd Ste 38
Canyon Country, CA 91351


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Jul 27, 2007

Vegas offer 7.27.07


$100,000 Dine & Dash For Cash slot tournament (1st place $40,000, based on 500 participants)
Includes 3 nights accommodations at any Harrah's property, complimentary gift, welcome reception, 2 VIP brunches, awards celebration

vegas offer 7.26.07

New York New York:

Oktoberfest $50,000 slot tournament Oct. 11-13 (based on 100 participants, 1st place $10,000)

Includes complimentary accommodations for 3 nights, Heft Your Weise welcome gift of 5,000 Holiday Gift Shoppe points, awards reception

Jul 25, 2007

Four Queens - Hugo's Cellar

Hugo's Cellar at Four Queens. We had a comped dinner here. When we walked in, they gave me a rose. That was very nice. The restaurant is relaxing, and the service is great.
We loved the scampi. It was very good. Everything seemed a little expensive, but their entrees are pretty big portions, I mean, I got my big filet mignon wellington with foie gras, and it comes with potatoes, veggies and a salad for only $50? That's a pretty good deal. Some other restaurants charge $50 for a piece of small meat. Although I wasn't crazy about my wellington, I liked my husband's filet. What I really can't believe is that Four Queens has such a nice restaurant like this!


butter shaped like roses. pretty.

Scampi "Hugo" $14 ---tastes excellent!
Sauteed jumbo shrimp with garlic, green peppers, sun dried tomatoes, white wine and fine herbs. I'd order this again. It was really good.

Lobster Bisque $12 ---tastes ok.
A rich lobster stock finished with cream
Bisque had a little fishy taste. It was ok.

Hugo's Salad Cart ---tastes good.
Create your own salad from our table-sized salad cart. Includes: crisp romaine leaves, fresh peeled tomato wedges, bay shrimp, chopped eggs, sliced fresh mushrooms, marinated artichoke and hearts of palm, blue cheese cubes, roasted pine nuts, croutons and grated parmesan cheese. Choice of Caesar dressing, honey-orange-walnut vinaigrette or our own pepper dressing.

Raspberry sorbet to clean your mouth

Filet de Boeuf ~ Atlantis $52 ---tastes great!
10 oz. filet wrapped in bacon, served on a bed of lump crab with bernaise sauce.

Beef Wellington $50 ---tastes ok.
Filet mignon, topped with a duxelle of foie gras and mushrooms, baked in pastry, served with a bordelaise sauce.
I didn't think I'm gonna get a whole big wellington, I was expecting slices. Hard to tell from the picture, but it's pretty big. And needs more sauce.

My first time foie gras

Creme Brulee $5 ---tastes ???
Tasted different from normal creme brulee but I'm not sure what was the difference.

Kona Coffee (for two) $10
Freshly ground Hawaiian Kona coffee beans brewed at your table with our unique brewing system.

This was very fun and new experience. Can you tell how small coffee cup is?

Dinner 5:30 pm to 11:00 pm daily



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Jul 24, 2007

Walmart Superstore

We were recently driving around Canyon Country (part of Santa Clarita, California), and we found a Walmart superstore! And this is the closest one to L.A.
Some stuff is not so cheap such as meat, fruit, veggies, but some stuff is cheaper than other grocery stores such as canned foods, frozen foods, and drinks. This Walmart superstore also has so many varieties of food. Things that you can't find at your local grocery store, you'll probably find it here. We shopped for two hours!
All the things we bought were what we never see at Vons or Ralphs.

Raviolios $1.25
Bush's White Hominy $0.68
Le Sueur whole carrots $1.16
Armour Treet $1

4 lb. Ore-Ida Extra Crispy Fast Food fries $4.93

Gatorade A.M. Tropical Mango (64 oz.) $1.93

Jul 23, 2007

Vegas offer 7.21.07

Treasure Island:
Time To Play watch giveaway (earn drawing tickets playing slots, then exchange them for entries into various giveaways)
Complimentary accommodations for up to 3 nights, cocktail reception

$125,000 Bellagio Bucks slot tournament - Sept.13-15 (1st place $30,000, based on 300 participants, everybody gets at least $150 in free play)
Includes 3 complimentary nights, complimentary food at select restaurants, welcome gift

Jul 22, 2007

Mandalay Bay - Red White and Blue

Red White and Blue at Mandalay Bay. It's like a casual cafe. The taste was actually fine. Our salad and crab cakes were very good. Their pastries are freshly baked that morning. They also have gelato (or ice cream), burgers ($10-$16), sandwiches ($10-$15), some Italian dishes, seafood and steaks. It was so much food and I couldn't finish eating my tart. Too bad.

(big) blueberry muffin $3.50

apple tart $5

lobster cobb salad $18
diced lobster, chicken, bacon, egg, tomato, avocado and served with balsamic vinaigrette

Maryland blue crab cakes $14 (appetizer)
tomato marmalade and grain mustard sauce



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Jul 20, 2007

Rio - Cafe Martorano

Cafe Martorano at Rio. Half nightclub and half dining. We were here very late, it was REALLY loud and dark. Every time my husband talked, I had to ask him 3 times what he said because I couldn't hear anything. We aren't crazy about nightclubs, we were hungry and just wanted to enjoy eating. This cafe opened recently and we wanted try it. We ordered 1 appetizer (shrimp scampi) and 1 entree (sausage pasta), and 2 bottled waters ($7 each). The total was $75. $75 at a cafe??
When I asked to have regular water, they said something was broken and they didn't have regular water, they only had bottled water. I was so pissed off, are they just lying so they can make more money on bottled water??

When our food arrived, because the restaurant was really dark, I couldn't see my food, I couldn't see what I was eating. I was gonna order tiramisu for my dessert, but when I asked the waiter if their tiramisu is homemade and they said no, so I decided to not order it.

When our bill arrived, we used our Total Rewards comps, but the bill still said we had to pay $13 because we don't have enough Total Rewards money to cover all. We were both like...WHAT?? We have over $1,000 in Total Rewards comps to spend, and are you saying that we don't have that? So our waiter went back and asked to his boss, and his boss made a phone call to Total Rewards, and finally everything was taken care of.

Overall, it's too expensive, too loud, tastes so-so, isn't worth what you are paying for. We're never gonna go back. But this place might be fun if you are drunk and having fun with your friends.

bread was good

Our famous shrimp scampi bread $18
Jumbo shrimp sauteed with white wine, garlic, diced fresh tomatoes and sweet peas, served over toasted Italian bread.
Shrimp itself was good, but the sauce was really really heavy.

Orecchiette $38
Hot and sweet sausage, white and red beans, escarole and E.V.O.O.
I didn't eat this so I don't know the taste

Tuesday thru Sunday 6pm - 2am
(702) 221-8279


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Jul 19, 2007

Vegas offers - 7.16.07 - 7.19.07

3 nights complimentary accommodations, one spa treatment

New York New York:
3 nights complimentary accommodations in one of our suites, complimentary food, limo transportation, $300 in free play

$35,000 Diamonds in the Rough slot tournament Sept. 11-14 (1st place $10,000, based on 750 participants or more)
Includes 3 nights and $50 dining voucher

Complimentary petite suite for 3 nights, $300 in free play, $150 in Mirage Rewards

Caliente Cards $100,000 invitational poker tournament Sept.14-17 (1st place $40,000, based on 2,000 participants or more)
Includes 3 nights complimentary accommodations at one of the Harrah's properties, $50 food voucher

Complimentary room for 3 nights, $20 free play

Offers by email:

$125,000 Bellagio Bucks slot tournament - Sept.13-15 (1st place $30,000, based on 300 participants, everybody gets at least $150 in free play)
Includes complimentary 3 nights, complimentary food at selected restaurants, welcome gift

*If you wanna see our past offers, just type "Vegas offer" or "Vegas offers" in the Google search box. Make sure you check the button for vegasandfood.blogspot.com OR check the archives.

Jul 18, 2007

Nissin Chow Mein chicken flavor

Nissin Chow Mein chicken flavor. I believe it was 92 cents at Wal-mart Superstore but we had a coupon and got it for about 60 cents. I like Nissin cup noodles, they are good (at least the Nissin cup noodles in Japan). But this chow mein really sucked. This was my first time that I had to cook instant noodles in the microwave, and I couldn't finish eating this horrible food. This must be a fake "Nissin" product. Made in China maybe? Seriously, after 1 bite, you'll start feeling sick. Do NOT eat this!

The package says "Quick & Easy" but doesn't say "Delicious". Hmm, I guess they know it's not delicious, that's why they didn't say it.

I said "Where is the chicken?" Oh, you know what, actually the package says "chicken FLAVOR", doesn't say chicken in it.

Here's the chicken "flavor", I believe, yeah, just like the chicken in the package picture, huh? OMG, I have no idea what this is. So I didn't eat it.


Jul 17, 2007

Japanese snacks 4

Bought at a Japanese supermarket in Los Angeles. Everything was on sale.

KitKat red bean paste/green tea flavor (limited edition). It was about $5

Glico Mousse Pocky

Tiramisu, Mango, Green Tea

Pocky Strawberry, Lotte Kokage no Chocolate (one is ice cappuccino flavor, other one is lemon ice tea)

I really liked the lemon iced tea flavor chocolate, it really tastes like lemon iced tea.

Jul 16, 2007

Harrah's Diamond Lounge

Harrah's Diamond Lounge. CLICK HERE for more Harrah's Diamond Lounge pics. We were hungry and wanted to go to the cafe at Harrah's but there was a long line, so we decided to go to the Diamond Lounge. They were remodeling and had a temporary Diamond Lounge at the Harrah's convention center. This time, they didn't have any hot dogs, but they had beef stew, rosemary chicken, sushi, fruit, carved meat (we just missed it), and more.