Jul 14, 2007

Mitsuwa supermarket bento


Bento from Mitsuwa supermarket. You can get them discounted after 5 or 6 p.m. If you are wondering, "Do Japanese people really eat this stuff in Japan?", the answer is yes. The prices are about the same in Japan, too. Instead going to McDonald's and spending $5, why not spend $5 for this delicious and healthy bento?

$4.50 (on sale)

$5 on sale

seaweed salad and potato salad

ketchup spaghetti a.k.a. Japanese style spaghetti (My husband HATES it. I can't believe it.)

tempura shrimp sushi roll and sausage

Japanese style fried chicken (a.k.a. kara age)
They usually use chicken thigh and marinate in soy sauce and other stuff before deep-frying it.


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