Jul 9, 2007

Monte Carlo - Blackstone's Steakhouse (2)


Blackstone's Steakhouse at Monte Carlo. CLICK HERE for more pics.
All the food here is fine, but I think the best steak house is Nero's at Caesars Palace.
We ate here the day before we ate at Nero's. We ordered almost exactly same thing here and at Nero's to see which one is better.

Roasted tomato shrimp bisque $9

Blackstone's chopped salad $9
It was good, but too much mayonnaise, you'll start feeling sick after half way.

Crab cake (of course) $12

Garlic mashed potatoes $8

Espresso-crusted prime rib $32

Daily special $36
Shark with jasmine rice

Creme Brulee $9

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