Jul 18, 2007

Nissin Chow Mein chicken flavor


Nissin Chow Mein chicken flavor. I believe it was 92 cents at Wal-mart Superstore but we had a coupon and got it for about 60 cents. I like Nissin cup noodles, they are good (at least the Nissin cup noodles in Japan). But this chow mein really sucked. This was my first time that I had to cook instant noodles in the microwave, and I couldn't finish eating this horrible food. This must be a fake "Nissin" product. Made in China maybe? Seriously, after 1 bite, you'll start feeling sick. Do NOT eat this!

The package says "Quick & Easy" but doesn't say "Delicious". Hmm, I guess they know it's not delicious, that's why they didn't say it.

I said "Where is the chicken?" Oh, you know what, actually the package says "chicken FLAVOR", doesn't say chicken in it.

Here's the chicken "flavor", I believe, yeah, just like the chicken in the package picture, huh? OMG, I have no idea what this is. So I didn't eat it.


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