Jul 20, 2007

Rio - Cafe Martorano


Cafe Martorano at Rio. Half nightclub and half dining. We were here very late, it was REALLY loud and dark. Every time my husband talked, I had to ask him 3 times what he said because I couldn't hear anything. We aren't crazy about nightclubs, we were hungry and just wanted to enjoy eating. This cafe opened recently and we wanted try it. We ordered 1 appetizer (shrimp scampi) and 1 entree (sausage pasta), and 2 bottled waters ($7 each). The total was $75. $75 at a cafe??
When I asked to have regular water, they said something was broken and they didn't have regular water, they only had bottled water. I was so pissed off, are they just lying so they can make more money on bottled water??

When our food arrived, because the restaurant was really dark, I couldn't see my food, I couldn't see what I was eating. I was gonna order tiramisu for my dessert, but when I asked the waiter if their tiramisu is homemade and they said no, so I decided to not order it.

When our bill arrived, we used our Total Rewards comps, but the bill still said we had to pay $13 because we don't have enough Total Rewards money to cover all. We were both like...WHAT?? We have over $1,000 in Total Rewards comps to spend, and are you saying that we don't have that? So our waiter went back and asked to his boss, and his boss made a phone call to Total Rewards, and finally everything was taken care of.

Overall, it's too expensive, too loud, tastes so-so, isn't worth what you are paying for. We're never gonna go back. But this place might be fun if you are drunk and having fun with your friends.

bread was good

Our famous shrimp scampi bread $18
Jumbo shrimp sauteed with white wine, garlic, diced fresh tomatoes and sweet peas, served over toasted Italian bread.
Shrimp itself was good, but the sauce was really really heavy.

Orecchiette $38
Hot and sweet sausage, white and red beans, escarole and E.V.O.O.
I didn't eat this so I don't know the taste

Tuesday thru Sunday 6pm - 2am
(702) 221-8279


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