Jan 23, 2008

Luxor - Tower Deluxe Room


Luxor Tower Deluxe room. It's like a motel. Hard bed, uncomfortable pillows. When we asked for feather pillows, they brought us more regular uncomfortable pillows, so we asked again the next day, and they said "We only have few feather pillows... blah blah blah..." So are you saying we can't have nice pillows because they don't have so many? Are they saving the nicer pillows for Paris Hilton? Anyway, they finally brought us feather pillows.

When I went to bathroom, I saw Bath and Body Works shampoos, lotions, soaps etc. I was so happy because they finally had a good brand that actually does the job. Most casino lotions are so cheap, and they don't moisturize at all, same thing shampoo and other things. Anyway, so we asked for more lotions and soaps and other stuff, and I couldn't believe it when they brought us their old "Luxor" lotions, shampoos, and tiny soaps. They didn't give us Bath and Body Works. I was so pissed off. Not only that, this was our second day, we called for housekeeping, when we came back to the room, it was still dirty, no, they didn't clean our room BUT they left new towels. They don't clean the room but they leave new towels?? Again, I was so pissed off. I was so shocked.

I will never ever stay here again.


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