Jan 4, 2008

Paris - Diamond Lounge


This was the Diamond Lounge at Paris on a Sunday. They open at noon on Sunday, and we got here about 10-15 minutes before they opened the door, and there was already a long line for people to get in. About 12:15pm, the seats were full, and there were people waiting outside while we were eating. I couldn't believe it.

If you don't know about Diamond Lounge, let me explain a little. There are 4 levels on your Total Rewards card: Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and 7 Stars. 7 Stars is basically really high class and there is a 7 Star lounge at Caesars Palace.

Here's what you get at Diamond Lounge on a Sunday.
Wings, sandwiches, hot dogs (it was big and good), fruits, cheese, cookies, and any drinks you want.

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