Feb 5, 2008

H. Salt Fish & Chips - North Hollywood


H. Salt Fish & Chips in North Hollywood. I couldn't believe this fish and shrimp combo, tiny tiny potato salad, and drink cost $10. I was so shocked when I saw the price says $10. It's British food, but this place is run by Asians. On the menu, you also see some Southern food such as hush puppies, fried chicken, etc. And pretty much everything on the menu is deep-fried. I don't recommend it for people on a diet or trying to be healthy. Combo tasted just OK, well, I actually liked the French fries. They make them to order, I think. But the shrimp and fish were just OK. We shared this plate with a little bit of ketchup, and if you want tartar sauce, you have to pay extra 10-20 cents.We were not planning to get potato salad, the reason we got was because when we were ordering food, she asked us which one we want, potato salad or coleslaw. We didn't know it costs extra. I mean, don't you think she should say "Do you want" instead of "Which one do you want"? This potato salad was not good at all. Actually, it sucked and was really expensive for just 2-3 tablespoonfuls. So do I go back to this place? No.

#1 combo $6.49 (fish, shrimp, French fries)

small potato salad $1.25

H. Salt Fish & Chips
4795 Vineland Ave.
North Hollywood,CA 91602
(818) 761-1750




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