Apr 12, 2008

Chunju Han il Kwan - Koreatown, Los Angeles


Chunju Han il Kwan (or Chun Ju Han il Kwan) in December 2007. Located in a small shopping center in Koreatown. We had a hard time finding this place, because the restaurant name is written in Korean. There is no English, also there are a couple other Korean restaurants in the same shopping center, so if you are going this place, make sure you search a picture of the restaurant before you go.

When we were here, it was packed with Korean customers. Only a couple of waitresses speaks English. Food was great. What I was surprised by was only less than 3 minutes after we got our banchan we got all our food.

Lots of delicious banchan

marinated bean sprouts



oyster or squid or something like that.



tiny fish


BBQ beef (bulgogi), $11.30

red bean rice

spicy mixed casserole with Spam, sausage & noodles, (Budae jjigae) $25

We never had this casserole before. Who's gonna put Spam and hot dogs and instant ramen together in a soup? There was also Korean mochi in it. We loved it.

My menu and my husband's menu prices were different. One casserole price says $23.10, the other one says $22.20. But our check says $25. I don't get it.

Some of their other dinner menu items

ChunJu Han Il Kwan
3450 W. 6th St. #106
Los Angeles, CA 90020



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