Apr 11, 2008

Our Dinner - KFC


Our dinner yesterday. This was only my second time at KFC. Yes, just second time. Does that sound crazy to you? Well, that's one of the reasons that I can stay healthy and my husband does not. My first time KFC was about 7 years ago.

My thoughts about KFC are they are expensive and unhealthy (I guess everybody knows about that). That tiny hot wings are $3.49? That really really small chicken strips are $3.49? I know, everybody loves KFC, but not it's for me. After eating 2 pieces of strips, 5 wings, and a snacker sandwich, I started feeling so fat and unhealthy.

We had this $5 coupon which we won on an online sweepstakes.

KFC snacker, 99 cents

Really small

Hot wings 6pc, $3.49

Chicken strips (3pc), $3.49
I was so shocked how small they are.

close-up of chicken strips

breast and wings with mashed potato, coleslaw, and biscuit, $5.49


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