Apr 18, 2008

The Palazzo - Hotel Room


The hotel room at the Palazzo. Just beautiful. We both liked everything. But what I really liked about the Palazzo room was the HDTV. When I was watching cooking shows, everything looked so delicious. Total 3 TVs, one in the bathroom, one from the bed, one in sitting area. Also Palazzo has many TV channels, including international TV channels, more than 5 Chinese, also a couple of Korean, plus Japanese and Spanish channels. The only problem with Palazzo is that the hallways are like a maze, and it wasn't easy to remember where our room is.

There is a fax machine!

dining table

beautiful bathroom with TV


sewing kit


High-speed internet, $9.95. Lower price than other hotels. Most hotels charge around $12.

chocolate on bed

One is "Do Not Disturb" and one is "Housekeeping"

There were people who were getting lost, including us.

The view from our room (Wynn golf course)

Wynn pool


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