Apr 23, 2008



I couldn't believe it when my husband said he doesn't know Yakult. Because I used to drink this every morning before I went to school. But actually Yakult was born in Japan, and recently they started selling it in the U.S. I saw this at Ralphs for $1.50 (1 pack, 5 bottles) as a "manager special" so I bought it. I think regular price was around $3.50. It's a small bottle and it's sweet, and I love it, it's I guess because I used to drink this since I was small.

Yakult helps balance your digestive system. One little bottle of Yakult's cultured dairy drink contains more than 8 billion Lactobacillus casei Shirota – the "friendly bacteria” that helps balance your digestive system and support immune functioning. L. casei Shirota can ONLY be found in Yakult and when consumed in sufficient quantities, this probiotic strain can be very beneficial for you. That's why Yakult packs so many in every bottle!


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