May 7, 2008

Pearl - MGM Grand


Pearl Chinese restaurant at MGM Grand in January 2008. Great food, good service, and delicious gourmet desserts. Two thumbs up!

"Cuisine with an essence of the Canton and Shanghai provinces, prepared utilizing the four Chinese cooking methods: steamed, braised, baked and fried. Although live seafood is the specialty, chef Kai-Wa Yau prefers a menu that is constantly changing to take advantage of seasonal offerings. The masterful cooking is paired with a serene and contemporary Chinese atmosphere." -from their website


Dim Sum Sampler, $13

Crisp-fried spider prawn dumplings, $13

Seafood Wor Wonton Soup, $9

Shark's Fin Essence with Julienne chicken soup, $55

$55 for a cup of soup? Sounds crazy to me. But my husband wanted to eat it because it's shark's fin. Rare and never had it before.

Lo Mein with Sliced Barbecued Pork, $17
This was under "side dishes" on the menu, but it was like regular entree.

Wok-Fried Spicy Chinese Spinach with Preserved Bean Curd Paste, $18, and rice, $2.50

When we asked our waiter what is the traditional Chinese food that real Chinese people order in this restaurant, he said one of the dishes is this Chinese Spinach. It was good. Very healthy. But the portion was big, we were already pretty full, so we couldn't finish eating.

I was really amazed at the dessert menu at this place. Because usually desserts at Chinese restaurants are mango pudding, mochi ice cream, or something like that. But this place had 6 different gourmet desserts like you get at a nice upscale restaurant, and the menu was all very interesting.
Of course, both desserts were delicious. Especially I really really liked Pacific Trifle. It was excellent. I wouldn't mind coming back here just for dessert.

Pacific Trifle, $12
Lychee Gelee with Blackberry Mousse, Tea Foam, Peanut Tuile and Lychee Sorbet

Chocolate Raspberry Soft Cake, $12
Sauteed raspberries and rich vanilla bean ice cream

Part of the Menu

Sunday - Thursday, 5:30pm - 10:00pm
Friday & Saturday, 5:30pm - 10:30pm

(702) 891-7380


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