May 25, 2008

Xa Kitchen - Valencia, CA (CLOSED)


Located inside the Valencia mall food court. It's Vietnamese fast food. I've only had the baguette sandwich from this place, so I don't know about their other food, but this sandwich was actually very good for food court food. It usually costs around $6, but every Wednesday this sandwich is $3! Also they are made to order.

Now, I got this sandwich twice in the past, and both times were actually a little different. I guess that's because whoever made the sandwich was a different person than before. First time, the bread was bigger and had more flavor, the second time, the bread was smaller, the chicken didn't have enough taste, and there was not so much pate.

I never had a Vietnamese sandwich before, but I like it. It's got lots of cilantro, chicken, pate, carrots, cucumber and jalapeno.

Xa Kitchen (Valencia mall food court)
24201 W. Valencia Blvd.
Valencia, CA 91355
(661) 753-9912

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