Jul 29, 2008

Comic-Con 2008, San Diego - Part 1


Some pics from Comic-Con in 2008. It was crowded. We had to drive around 1 hour to just find parking. Every single parking lot was full. At Comic-Con, I wanted to buy some limited-edition toys only available at Comic-Con, but there were long lines, so I gave up. But I got my Hello Kitty that I believe is only available in Japan. Also we went to panels and, again, always long lines, long walking. I can't believe some people go for 3 days.

There were these "bike taxi", he took us from our parking area to the convention. $5 per person. From our parking, it was about a 10 minute ride.

Coming in 2009

First-ever flying Enterprise

About $800, the one on the left

In the sky: "Seek the Six"


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